Gordon Berry
AT LARGE South Bend School Board Member

 Thank you everyone for your support!!
    We didn't win, but the incumbents are gone!
 Here is the table of the results
Commentary on the campaign
Endorsed by the teachers (the NEA)
New blood, new ideas for the School Board
Problem-based learning in our failed High Schools (New Tech H.S. - supported by business)
Hands-on science and math for our K-8 students
Budgetary responsibility begins with the Board
Community/parent involvement in Board Committees
Board involvement in individual schools
“Berry’s activism..makes him an attractive candidate” -SB Tribune
The present schoolboard is
Disconnected from   each other... the Superintendent... the teachers... our community...and saddest of all, from the learning of our children


us all with policies at all grades
that will create effective pre-schools through revitalized high schools

The incumbents Ann Rosen and Kim Barnbrook voted to remove Dr. Zimmerman:
their mistakes cost us at least a quarter-million dollars, plus a way forward to effective schools!
(I am endorsed by the NEA - the Teachers' Union of South Bend)

 Qualifying Experience
 ● My Candidacy statement  ● A brief biography
 ● A high-quality community public school system is the most important feature of a healthy community  ● Founder and Director of several education support organizations:           (NISMEC, HOST, TAMS, & CSC)
 ● Support our teachers in the classroom  ● Directing Summer workshops for math and science teachers
                     (MS-Squared summer workshops)
 ● Every board member must represent the consensus opinions of the community  ● Community work, other Education boards
                    (NISMEC & CSC)
 ● “New Technology High School” in South Bend  ● Bringing "best-practice" teaching to classrooms
                     (INDOE, I-STEM & CELL)

The greatest gift to parents is a high quality education for their children


Completed questionaires (pdf format): The Chamber of Commerce,       Mike Wanbaugh, South Bend Tribune,       The NEA Board
Some pdf files:    Bumper sticker,      Flyer 1 (card),      Flyer 2 (half page),      Yard sign,      Support-letter,      Email support-lettter

Remember to vote on November 4th or by absentee ballot beforehand
I also recommend voting for Dawn Jones (District 4),